Planning for a public facility that can serve a purpose and make life easier for the communities? With RNC Infraa’s community solutions, you can plan and implement any community welfare project that has all the essential functions, features, and facilities one can imagine.

Public Sanitation

Toilet cabin by RNC Infraa is rightly engineered and environment friendly. At RNC, we never compromise in the quality of material that we use in building MS-GI toilet. With smart features and excellent technology, our MS-GI toilet cabins are duly tested before selling to the customers like you.

Water ATMs

A water ATM dispenses water in exchange for cash or a prepaid smart card. These kiosks are common. Railway platforms have long been dotted with such vending units. Although cash-operated vending machines are a relatively new phenomenon in India, they are quickly gaining popularity.

Isolation Wards

During the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic (COVID-19), a rapidly scalable modular approach has been used to increase isolation capacity. The modular design of prefabricated containers allowed rapid expansion of AIIR capacity, although space limitations made the selection of patients and patient monitoring complex.

Health Centers

A Health Center by RNC Infaa can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing or to complement existing facilities. We offer prefabricated health centers with or without structure to meet the needs of small clinics and hospitals.

Night Shelters

Known as a well-known name in the industry, RNC Infraa designs and manufactures quality shelters for temporary or permanent housing, support agencies, and other such purposes. Providing clients with end-to-end services including design, manufacture, and installation, we are able to provide unique shelters.

Other Products

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